Greetings fellow earthling spirits... 

I elected to visit Mother Earth at this time via Poodle Junction.  Ms Bunni is at the top of the Toy Poodle Breeder and Miniature Poodle Breeder list for not only providing a loving home environment to be born into, but she personally screens the human spirits that we eventually spend our lives with.  She also makes available everything she's learned in her years of raising poodles on her website for new mom's and dad's to access. So information to aid in our life after Poodle Junction is easily accessible! 

Mom tells me that I'm the cutest puppy in the entire world.  I don't know about that, but I AM cute!  She also says I'm a love muffin and I give the best hugs ever.  Yup, I'm a lover, not a pest...  I'm sure mom would agree with that too - not sure about dad though...  And Jess... well she's always saying something about a "brat", but then she tells me I'm her favorite.

Be warned - we poodles are High Maintenance!  I'm always reminded of that when mom cuts my hair - I could have come to Mother Earth as a free roaming coyote - howling coyote (I have the howling down, well mom calls it screaming...) but Noooooo.... I came back as a high maintenance poodle so I could live with my family in Colorado. 

If you're looking for a sweet, loving poodle to bring love, laughter, joy and yes... bliss to your life, contact Ms Bunni.

Majik Poodle 
(that's me!)

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